303 Boards was doing a promotion to get creators active during the pandemic. They have been a local skate shop in Denver for years. They posted for a crowd sourced design contest to get your chance to have your art printed on a shirt and board for the shop. There was a lot of creative freedom to do whatever you wanted for the design, but I wanted to tie it to the pandemic idea in some way.
I wanted to incorporate some old ads out of various different magazines. During the time I was developing my design, I was experimenting with different collaging techniques and wanted to create a design similar to the work I was making. I also wanted to make a variation of the 303 Boards logo that was tied into the pandemic in some way. This was around the time none of the stores had toilet paper, so I thought it would be clever to mix a toilet paper roll into an original logo that they usually do with the "303" in a banner.
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