The Bunker is a project that I worked on for a colleague of mine. What he was trying to do at the time was to start a Makers Space for his local town. He wanted to teach things to kids like woodworking, crafting, engineering, and welding. 
After doing research on existing makers spaces around the U.S. I started developing ideas, and took them to illustrator. My colleague wanted to play off of a space/rocket vibe, so I tried to combine that theme with some of the things that the kids would be learning about in these classes. 
After finalizing some logo ideas to present, I started working on some color palettes. For these colors I ended up with, I sampled some colors from some space images I found while doing research. These were just some basic color concepts I was exploring with these logo ideas.
I was coming up with some digital collateral designs with this new color palette like the image above when the project got canned. It's unfortunate this project didn't make it to a finish line, but I really liked some of the concepts that I came up with and wanted to share. I had a lot of fun working on this project and it helped me progress regardless of it getting thrown out.
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